Upgrade & Update Your Language Lessons

Are you looking for new ideas on how to implement ICT into your Language lessons?
Do you want to gain better speaking skills by talking with a Native English or German speaker?

Join our
Upgrade Your Language Lessons
for ALL language teachers

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Upgrade Your Language Lessons – Update Your Language Skills & Gain New Pedagogical ICT Knowledge

This is a specially designed training course
for ALL language teachers and English as a second language teachers

Are you looking for new ideas on how to implement ICT in your lessons? Do you want to gain better English, French or German speaking skills by talking with a native speaker? Is there a certain area in which you would particularly want to focus? Would you like to obtain new ideas as well as share your own experiences regarding how to plan and organize language lessons? Do you want to update your pedagogical approach and let the learners be more creative in their own learning process? Would you like to know more about learning games? Become more comfortable in using ICT in listening comprehension exercises and vocabulary tests? And of course, we are not forgetting “moving and activating” types of classroom games.

If you have said “yes” to any of these questions you should join us on this in-service course. Let us upgrade your language lessons together. Let us gain new skills and update pronunciation too. Together we will change the way we teach!

This "Upgrade Your Language Lessons - Gain New Pedagogical Skills -course
imagesaims to deliver new ideas and show better ways to implement tablets into everyday teaching and learning as well as making you more confident in the way you use and speak English (or German). Even Language Teachers need to update their skills from time to time. With us, you will acquire new learning games, teaching tools, apps or ‘know-how’ in order to deliver lessons in easier ways. These are the achievable goals for the week –and all delivered in a wonderful atmosphere!

The course focuses on English (spoken language), English Culture, iPads, co-sharing ideas, and pedagogical methods.



1) Gain More Knowledge of English Language and Culture – Native talks & Pronunciation

2) Tablets or/and Smart Phones (ICT) in Language Lessons – New Ideas and Best Practices

3) Language Lesson Ideas & Learning Apps – Share and Learn from the Other EU Teachers


  1. Update your English skills – talk to a native (including private talks)
  2. English culture and study visits
  3. Get tips on how to update your own lessons – reflection talks
  4. Learn more ICT skills – what kind of apps there are for teaching languages
  5. Learn how to implement ICT, tablets, and smartphones in your lessons
  6. Implement creative learning tools and update your pedagogical approach
  7. Use new tools for exams, listening comprehension, and vocabulary tests
  8. Activate your learners by using different learning games – let’s make learning fun
  9. How to activate learners to speak – what would a native speaker do?

Lectures, group/pair work, hands-on sessions, workshops, talks, study visits, and private talks.

ALL Language Teachers from all school levels (with or without Erasmus+ funding)

London, England
1. course 20.-25.10.2019 (DONE)
2. course 29.3.-4.4.2020 (Waiting for Brexit info)
3. course 18.-24.10.2020
4. course 21.-.27.3.2021
5. course 17.-23.10.2021

Helsinki, Finland
1. course 13-18.10.2019 (DONE)
2. course 26.4.-2.5.2020 (CONFIRMED: 5,5 days, Sun-Fri)
3. course 20.-26.9.2020
4. course 18.-24.2021
5. course 19.-25.9.2021

Duration: 7 days, 50 hours

The courses will be held in English.


  1. An iPad or Android tablet + a laptop for the listening comprehension program
  2. One learning material to be shared and updated
  3. The course focuses mainly on iPads, but most of the examples, apps & ideas will also fit the needs of Android users.


Please note that the course is also open for teachers WITHOUT an Erasmus+ funding!

You can apply for European Union’s Erasmus + funding for the course from your national EU Agency. The Erasmus + Ka 1 program covers most of the costs, including:
- travel costs:  
Depend on the distance: to and from the course town.
- accommodation and food money
The daily allowance is based on the destination and its living costs (75-120€/day)
- course fee:
70€/per training day / personal expenses
+ 350€/person in the organization.
Please apply for funding from your local EU representative.
Alternatively, you can visit:
the official Erasmus+ website Click Here
Other Erasmus+ websites Click Here

Your Local EU representative will have
the Erasmus+ documents available in your native language
just like this one in Finland (National Board of Education's Cimo).

Let's update the way our learners study, learn and we teach! For the record, we don't throw away the good old methods & hands-on sessions - we simply upgrade and update them!



The course fee includes the course city info, the course agenda, training (7h/per day), course material, cultural events, study visits, social events, a certificate of participation, and Europass signatures
as well as help and online assistance pre and after the course.

650€ / participant

Accommodation and meals
Participants are responsible for their own travel, accommodation (we will offer a hotel group booking option) and food supply expenses. Participants can pay the course fee by themselves or use an existing Erasmus+ KA1 funding. (Please bear in mind that you can only use Erasmus+ funding by traveling to another EU country. You can't use Erasmus+ KA1 funds for training in your country.)



The course will be organized by a Finnish summer school company called piTRY Education & TRYcamps. The owner of the summer school company has been working in the field of education since the 90’s and is widely experienced regarding language travel and EU-projects & Erasmus+ courses.

Mr. Petri Ilmonen
piTRY Education & TRYcamps Language School Founder & Director
Masters Degree, ESL-certificate

Book Creator Ambassador badge

Mrs. Tup Bertley
Native ESL-Teacher, Head Teacher
Masters Degree, TEFL & TOEFL -certificates

Possibly other specialists from other countries or native language speakers


The course's agenda includes cultural & social events
- Let's have fun together!

Join us or pre-register from HERE!

Languages, ICT, Culture & Laughter - A Successful Package!