Join us - we know you will love it!

LONDON - 1-week course

HELSINKI - 2-day course

Erasmus+ KA1 staff mobility - what a lovely opportunity ...

…for teachers, school heads, principals/headmasters, trainers and educational professionals to participate in an European course in another European country. Let's bring Europe closer!
Erasmus+ KA1 program is designed for different kinds of organizations. Every educational organization can apply for a Erasmus+ Ka1 funding - but only on an organization level. Personal applications are not approved anylonger. Please remember that you need to write an organizational development plan, but you can apply for a multiple training course.
It is also good to know that a team of teachers can travel together or separately - but a team is more likely to get the funding, since the impact will be greater in the school level (implementation of new ideas and pedagogical approaches = change the school).
The funding covers nearly ALL of the necessary costs -  the rest depends on your personal consumption habits and how cheap tickets you can find. The funding covers traveling, accommodation, meal and training expenses.

Check out our Erasmus+ KA1 -funding info
- but don't forget your national agency's
website for national details either!

See the effort - enjoy nearly 100% funding

How to apply?

It is not that hard or very difficult, but of course you need to do some work for your funding. See the effort, put your thoughts on paper and you can get a grant!

1. Your organization needs a PIC code to be able to apply for Erasmus+ funding.
If you don't have a code, register on an EU's Particpant Portal .

2. You need the organizing organization's PIC code as well. TRYcamps' PIC code is 916292653.



there is only one deadline
- don't miss it!
Or you need to wait
for another round = 1 year.


3. Choose a course for you and  for your colleagues. All TRYcamps' courses focus on personal development, pedagogical change, updating your professional skills + gaining new ones, future learning, effective communication, ICT skills and creativity in the classroom.

With a pre-registration to one of our courses you'll pre-book a seat in our course (this should be shared with the national agency).

4. Download an application from your National agency's website.

5. Start the planning and writing process: write an application under the Erasmus+ Key Action 1 (KA1), Learning Mobility of Individuals. This is an important document to be filled in with care and effort.

6. Gather all information needed, collect signatures and scan all  the required attachments and other documents.

7. Submit the application to your National agency (only online).

8. Seal it with a kiss and wait for the results (May/June).

9. If /when you get the funding, write us an email and confirm your course (date, city and number of seats).

10. After you have received a grant approval notice, sign the contract with your national agency.

11. Start the planning process, so you will have everything ready.

12. Wait for the money transfer - book your tickets and get ready for a new in-service training course!

 Start early,
at least take a look
at the application.
Don't leave it to the last minute,
otherwise you will not be successful!

 Make your school more European
Dream big,
but be realistic & concrete

Team play
- more than 1, but not all
  Disseminate - share & gain


An Erasmus+ grant covers the necessary costs for the participants (nearly all):

  • Course fee: 70 € per day.
  • Organizations receive 350 € / each Erasmus+ KA 1 -participant
  • Accommodation and meals: 75-120€ / day / participant.
  • Travel expenses: All depending on where you live (distance) .
    Check the map calculator for details.

Between 100-499km: 180€/participant
Between 500-1999km: 275€/participant
Between 2000-2999km: 360€/participant
Between 3000-3999km: 530€/participant
Between 4000-7999km: 820€/participant
8000km or more: 1100€/participant

 Look for the future
- yours and your learners'

We charge 595 € / participant. You'll receive only 420€ for training fee. We advice you to cover the remaining 175 € from the organizational costs. It is also good to know that you can transfer money across categories (check your national agency for this).

Join us - we know you will love it!

LONDON - 1-week course

HELSINKI - 2-day course